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Climate Action Group - Priorities for 2022

As well as continuing to keep pressure on HDC as they start to implement their Climate Emergency Action Plan, (see our last blog) the CAG has lots of plans for 2022.

If you would like to join us as we take these ideas forward, or would like to suggest other actions, please let us know.

  1. We are hoping to start publishing a monthly column in the Harborough Mail, which will be aimed at helping readers reduce their Carbon Footprint. This will be in conjunction with the wider Sustainable Harborough Community

  2. We are planning to set up information stalls at various events and locations around the town. These will supply lots of information for people about reducing their carbon footprint, enable visitors to let us know what help they need, either from us or the council, to reduce their carbon footprint, and letting us know where they think we should be focusing our efforts ion the coming year. This will be also be in conjunction with the wider Sustainable Harborough Community

  3. We will be developing some new pages on the Sustainable Harborough Community to give a real focus on reducing your Carbon Footprint

  4. We will be selecting one or two key actions set out in the HDC CEAP (there are 30 to choose from!), and setting up a focused campaign to ensure the council delivers on them. The CAG will aim to make the final decision on which actions to focus on by the end of March. If you want to be involved in making that decision, then please let us know.

  5. Building closer links with other groups in the area, to try and build a 'coalition' of those who care about tackling the Climate Emergency

  6. Getting more young people and groups active in what we are doing.

To find out more about the Climate Action Group, click here


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