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Christmas Tidy Up

Twelfth Night will soon be upon us, so traditionally we will be taking down our Christmas Trees, and generally clearing away Christmas 'stuff'. So, it's time to think about clearing away sustainably.

Cards and wrapping paper.

These can be put in your Blue Recycling Bin, as long as they don't have a plastic coating or glitter on them. They also make perfect food for your compost bin or heap. Wrapping paper should be scrunched up before adding, and cards torn in to small pieces (maybe a way to keep the children occupied for a while!).

Real Christmas Trees.

If you subscribe to the Harborough District Council Green Bin scheme, Christmas Trees can be added to your bin for collections during January. There will be an extra collection during w/c Jan 9th. Trees should be cut into manageable pieces so that the bin lid will shut.

Alternatively, Dan Fordham tree services will be running their charity scheme again this year. Trees can be collected on Jan 5th and 6th, and you will be asked to make a donation of £10 per tree. All money collected will go to the Jubilee Foodbank. All Dan needs is your name, contact number and full address via Facebook messenger or an email to to arrange a collection. The trees are then chipped, and the chippings donated to various allotment sites in the town.

Unwanted Gifts

.... are very often somebody else's 'must have' item, so don't just bin them. Take them along to one of our many Charity shops. Or if you have a lot of large items, contact British Heart Foundation for items to be collected.


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