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Can You Help?

Sustainable Harborough Community is growing fast - we now have 90 Members, 9 Friends and over 50 entries in the Harborough Green Directory. The Steering Group on the other hand only has 8 members, and whilst we are all keen and enthusiastic volunteers, we all have only limited amounts of time to devote to SHC activity.

This week is Volunteers Week, so maybe this is a good time to think about volunteering some time to support SHC. Here are a few of the ways you might be able to help :

  • Creating blogs and posts that we can put on the website and our social media platforms - write about what's important to you

  • Creating posters, flyers and cards to help promote SHC

  • Getting involved with one of our proposed new Action Groups - MH Traffic Action Group and MH Climate Coalition

  • Suggesting some other Action Group you would like SHC to get going, and then helping us to get it up and running

  • Setting up a small local 'green' initiative and asking for other SHC members to support it, or help you take it further

...... and now that the Covid guidelines mean we can start planning outdoor events:

  • Helping us to organise and run small events to promote SHC, and get local people active in making MH a greener place to live

  • Helping us to prepare for a larger scale event planned for September - more information to follow soon on what this will involve, and where we will need help

If you would like to offer some time to support SHC, or more information on what might be involved, please e.mail us at :


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