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Award for Harborough Climate Action

It is only just over a year since Harborough Climate Action (HCA) was formed already it has made enough of a splash to win an ‘Earthmovers 2022’ award from Friends of the Earth (FoE).

The award is in recognition of the work the group has done over the year to lobby Harborough District Council to strengthen its Climate Emergency Action Plan and, through regular articles on climate in the Harborough Mail, social media campaigns and its active website, to raise climate awareness among residents in the Harborough district.

FoE said HCA campaigners ‘had established a dynamic group with a specific focus on climate awareness raising and activism’.

Having accepted the award on the group’s behalf at FoE’s Groundswell event held in London on 25 June, HCA member Carmen Bond, pictured below, said ‘This was a wonderful surprise. We had no idea but I think we’ve earned it. We’ve worked hard to make local people more aware of the climate crisis and what they can do to help combat it and ease the negative effects it will have on us all. We have also put a lot of effort into engaging with Harborough District Council, asking them to take more concerted action on the climate crisis as it affects us here in Harborough.’

If you would like to learn more about HCA’s activities and maybe join us, you can find out all about us at


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