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Market Harborough Climate Action Group

This group is now up and running, and looking for new members. Click here if you would like to register an interest in this group

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What is the group for?

The purpose of this group will be to :

​(i) help develop a local response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency, and (ii) consider  what we as individuals, encouraging each other in the group, can do to mitigate Climate and Ecological Change.


Activities will be focussed on supporting local and national decision makers in developing their strategies and policies, and, if necessary, holding them to account for any deficiencies in those policies. The group will be acting collaboratively with other groups in the Climate Action Network, and participating in relevant national events and campaigns.


How will it work?

  • The group will meet regularly, initially by Zoom, to discuss local issues and decide on key areas for taking action.

  • Anyone can join the group, you don't have to be a Member of the Sustainable Harborough Community.

  • Actions will include : researching and reporting on areas of concern; planning and running events to raise awareness of the issues; meeting with local politicians to highlight concerns and try to find solutions

Bullet Journal

Meeting Dates

Meetings will for the time being be by zoom, and are held every Monday from 6pm - 7pm.


If you would like to attend, please let us know, and we will send you the zoom link.

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The MH Climate Action Group is part of the Friends of the Earth Climate Action Network

Sustainable Harborough Community is a member of The Climate Coalition, and the Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire group

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What is Harborough District Council doing in response to the Climate Emergency?

  • HDC declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019

  • They set up a Working Group, and issued a draft Action Plan in Dec 2019

  • Unfortunately, work had to be put on hold for several months as resources (human and financial) had to be diverted to dealing with the Covd pandemic

  • Work on developing a Climate Action Plan has now started again, and HDC have started a consultation exercise

  • An on-line survey has been published asking for responses from the public (closing date for responses is July 30th). Paper copies of the survey are available from the council offices.

  • The MH CAG has sent a response to the council as part of the consultation. You can read a copy of it here

  • The council are holding a consultation workshop on July 28th, in which SHC and other local community groups will be participating

  • We will keep you updated on what HDC plans to do next, and we look forward to the publication of the final document

Other items that are coming soon!

  • Our Wish List

  • More Events

  • Actions completed/successes

  • Any suggestions from members???



Forthcoming Event

We are really pleased to announce that on Monday August 9th Richard Dyer, the East Midlands Campaign Officer for Friends of the Earth, will be joining our regular Zoom meeting. He will be helping us to think through how we proceed in helping HDC to develop it's Climate Emergency Action Plan, and also how to get more local people involved in our activities. The meeting will be open to all SHC members, so if you are interested in joining us, let us know so that we can send you the Zoom link.

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Want to do some reading on the subject of Climate Action Planning?

Lots of material is available if you are interested in knowing more about what a good Climate Action Plan should include, and how it should be developed. Some of them are very long and detailed, but others are more accessible.

Click here to see our suggested Reading List.


Do let us now if you have any others suggestions for 'a Good Read'!

Interested in joining a national or international Climate Action Group?

There are plenty of them around, so we have drawn up this summary of who they are, what their key focus is, and how to contact them if you want to know more.

Do let us know if you have come across others that you think we should add to the list.