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Weleda Wellbeing Advisor - Kimberley Durham

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As a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, I support people with their wellness and vitality. If you are in need of support and guidance to regain a natural balance, I am available for FREE 1:1 wellness and skincare consultations. Weleda has been supporting humanity with their natural medicines, therapeutic skin, body and hair care preparations since 1921. All products are made using only natural ingredients, grown on Weleda's own 250 sq kilometres of organic farmland, or in partnership with small farmers, using organic biodynamic methods.
All Weleda's cosmetics have Natrue certification, verifying every single ingredient is natural, and will not cause harm to you or our planet. At Weleda we dare to care and are inspired by anthroposophy, producing natural, organic and biodegradable preparations to help you focus on your wellness, whilst helping to protect our planet.

If you fancy sharing the gift of wellness, why not get your friends together for a relaxing wellbeing event? You will get to sample gorgeous products and find out what makes Weleda unique in supporting your wellbeing. These can be via zoom or in accordance with current Covid regulations. Direct orders can also be placed online, with direct delivery as an option.

Weleda are also supporting Treesisters, and for 50p you too can donate and plant a tree in one of several locations across the equator. Please use code 408025 in my web shop. Please contact me via my wellness facebook page, directly using the number above, or via email.

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All Weleda's packaging (except soft touch tubes) is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again, post use. Our soft touch tubes should be returned to me for recycling with Terracycle, while all the other packaging types can be sent with for recycling with your local kerbside collections.

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