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The Bearded Persian

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2 Gladstone Terrace

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A local and ethical producer of kombucha and importer of amazing wonderful teas that tickle the senses and lift up the soul, we look at every aspect when carrying out decisions within The Bearded Persian, we currently have a circular system in place for our own kombucha and also soon to be introducing it to our teas, we also donate to another local charity which plant a tree for every new bottle we sell.

feel free to come down to the EcoVillage where I am most Thursdays, I'm more than happy to chat about health, kombucha or all things green.

Description of Organisation or Services

We run a circular system, therefore encouraging reuse of our glass bottles which are then cleaned, sterilised and dried to be used again, for the smaller bottles we sell we offer a free bottle for every 8 bottles returned to us.

Green Services

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