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"Speak Out" is a youth-led, youth views magazine created by young people for young people. The varied content includes personal stories and experiences, local opportunities and activities, topical concerns, helpful guidance, Vox Pop results, jokes, cartoons, and creative writing, which reflect different young people’s individuality, interests and views.

We support a core group of young people between 11 and 18 years who meet weekly after school in term-time to coordinate the development of the magazine, incorporating a variety of contributions. Editions are distributed across local schools and youth groups to an estimated readership of approximately 1,000 young people.

We are always looking for new core group members 11-18yrs, as well as wider contributors to the magazine editions.
Have you got something to speak out about? Contact us with your ideas for articles or your direct contributions for consideration in a future magazine edition.”

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We encourage our readers to read, pass on, then recycle our magazine in their paper recycling.

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