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Rural Trading Limited

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Rural Trading Lodge, North Lane, Foxton, Leicestershire, LE16 7RF

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Rural Trading is locally based Wholesaler and Retailer of ECO Household, Cleaning, Hygiene and Tissue Products and the home of brand BoxRoll.
From our retail outlet at Harborough Indoor Market we provide trusted ECO Brands Laundry Products , Household Cleaning, Personal Care and Dishwashing Products in both Retail and "Go Large" Home Refill sizes. Our extensive product range enables our customers to continue using their existing environmentally responsible brands and benefit from the economy of scale afforded by Home Refill too.
Our wholesale and B2B activities operate from our base in the lovely village of Foxton. From there we supply Independent Zero Waste/ECO Shops and Private Households across the UK and Channel Islands with UK sourced and manufactured Plastic Packaging Free Toilet Tissue.
BoxRoll is available without subscription an enables our stockists to buy "just what they need, just when they need it". Our stockists benefit from Trade Account pricing and are boosted by our decision to sell directly to them in the UK rather than a more mainstream "scattergun" online marketplace approach. This designed supply base enables them to reap the price advantage themselves and retain the economic value in their own locality without the fear of aggressive price competition from larger global sellers.

Description of Organisation or Services

Rural Trading is the home of BoxRoll Toilet Tissue.
BoxRoll is a responsible UK sourced and UK manufactured Plastic Packaging Free Toilet Tissue which we currently supply to Private Households, Zero Waste Stores and other ECO Shops throughout the UK.
Our Online Local Delivery Store also provides emission free delivery within 20 miles of Market Harborough.

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