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George Halls Cycle Centre

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10-12 Northampton Rd, Market Harborough LE16 9HE, UK

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Bicycle retailer with onsite workshop

Description of Organisation or Services

We recycle our old inner tubes and send them off to the Krizevac Project for them to turn them into wallets, belts, bag handles and much more.
We recycle all our cardboard through Harborough Council.
We recycle all our plastic bags through Sainsburys.
We recycle all our hard plastics through Harborough Council.
We have occupancy sensors in our upstairs showrooms so the lights only come on when someone is up there moving.
We recycle all our metals through Luke Pepper Metals.
We recycle all our old bicycles, donated bicycles & donated parts through Youth Works Northamptonshire.
We recycle all our bubble wrap packaging through Randalls.
We recycle all our other packaging through Walkers Cycle Components in Leicester.
And of course we are a green transport company selling human powered vehicles as bicycles or scooters.

Green Services

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