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Bridge 67 Butcher's shop

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36 High St, Kibworth, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicester LE8 0HQ, UK

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We are a family run butcher's shop in Kibworth showcasing high quality sustainably and humanely farmed local grass fed 21 day matured beef, lamb and pork from a nearby farm. We feed all our livestock on good natural foods (grass and grain) from the farm. Great animal husbandry and respect are at the heart of what we do, so we encourage nose to tail use of every animal with as little waste as possible. We are passionate about great tasting food, sustainability and wholesomeness. From our farm to your table.

Description of Organisation or Services

We practice sustainable and ethical farming in partnership with the wonderful countryside; minimising chemicals, additives and keeping antibiotics use to a minimum. We advocate nose to tail use of an animal to avoid waste and are very much low food miles as the animals go from our fields to a local slaughterhouse and then straight back to us all locally. We try to avoid all plastics and encourage using recycled paper and packaging materials.
We also supply other local British produce from farms and small businesses. We are very much an active member of the Kibworth High Street serving our local population and responding to their needs and requirements. During lockdown we have started free local deliveries for those unable to leave home grouping deliveries geographically and time schedule wise to save on petrol.

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