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Transport accounts for about 25% of the average UK person's carbon footprint. Reduce your footprint by following the advice below

Over the coming weeks, we will be creating a series of blogs and articles to explain how the way you get around impacts on your Carbon Footprint. Here are just some of the topics we hope to cover

  • Reducing car usage

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Electric Bikes

  • Walking & Cycling

  • Flying

  • Holidays

If you would like to suggest a topic for us to cover, or if you would like to write and article for us, do get in touch

Electric Car Battery Charging

Top Tips for reducing your carbon footprint

Here are 3 simple tips relating to how you get to get you started.

  • Try walking or cycling to school or work for a whole week

  • If you have a car, make sure it runs efficiently by servicing it regularly, checking the tyres are correctly inflated

  • Don't leave your car idling when it is stationary, especially if it is outside a school. Any emissions coming out of the exhaust will be breathed in by small children walking past.

We will regularly be adding more tips to the list, so do keep coming back to check them out. If you have any top tips you would like to share, do let us know


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