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General Election 2024

Sustainable Harborough Community is a non-political group, and therefore does not support any particular political party. However, we feel that it is important for our members to understand what the plans of the various parties are for dealing with the climate and nature emergency, should they get into power.

We have asked each of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in the Harborough, Oadby and Wigston constituency to answer the following questions:

  • Will you vote for the Climate and Nature Bill now at its second reading stage?

  • Do you agree that no further licences to explore for North Sea oil and gas should be issued by the Government?

  • What would you do to encourage a faster transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources?

  • Given that the 2022 changes to the 2015 planning rules on wind farms have had a negligible effect in encouraging investment, how should next Government  respond to proponents of more onshore turbines and wind farms, taking into account all the variables (e.g. suitability of locations, impact of wild life, etc.)? What is your attitude to nuclear as part of a mixed energy portfolio?

  • Given that so-called 'neo-liberalism' is held by most green groups and thinkers to be at the heart of the climate crisis (since it's based on largely unfettered consumption of the earth's resources) what socio-economic changes do you and your party propose to change the cultural status quo?

Candidates Responses

The responses are set out below, in alphabetical order of their surnames.

Danuta Jeeves
Reform UK


No response yet

Phil Knowles
Liberal Democrats

No response yet

Robin Lambert
Social Democratic Party

No response yet, but in his Candidates Pitch in the Harborough Mail Robin stated "Lib Lab Cons Green are committed to UN 2030 'Net Zero'. Anti-industrial folly, putting up your energy bills"

Neil O'Brien
Consevative Party

No response yet, but in his Candidate Pitch in the Harborough Mail Neil stated "I'll always fight to protect green spaces and stop over-development"

Hajira Piranie
Labour Party

No response yet, but Hajira has signed our United for Warm Homes Pledge

Darren Woodiwiss
Green Party

  • Yes

  • Yes, and once we are out of the Energy Charter treaty we should look to revoke undeveloped licences.

  • Remove the tax breaks enjoyed by fossil fuels and redirect that to incentives for renewables, the single bonus from BREXIT is that we can set our VAT rates to zero for renewables

  • Class them as infrastructure of national importance, remove the extra conditions placed on on-shore wind. Have a plan for reaching Net-zero!

  • We need to change capitalism, change the structure of PLCs to the mainland Europe model (Not just the profit motive), move away from tax and spend towards MMT (Green party policy needs refining here but it is the only one that recognises a different way)

Manifesto Reviews

Friends of the Earth have carried out reviews of the manifestos of all the main parties, and assessed their policies in relation to climate and nature. Click on the button to read what they say.

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